Référence : M_BUL-600-PIN

Micro bullet N/B 600 lignes 0.0003 lux pinhole

Short description :

  • Capteur 1/3 CCD 600 lignes N/B
  • liminosité munimum de 0.0003 lux
  • Objectif discret type pinhole
  • Diametre 19 mm


This mini paluche camera is equipped with a CCD ex view in black and white of 600 lines. Atout major this camera is that it works until a brightness of 0.0003 lux. This means that you will be able to restore an image exploitable even with a low light but in no case in the black absolute. As an indication, A lux is the lighting of a candle 1 meter distance. Note that this mini paluche is in black and white and that the peculiarity of this type of camera is that they are descended very low luminosity (lux). In this range, a colour camera could descend so low.
Another feature, its objective béneficie an angle of 90 degrees and it is "Pinhole", meaning it is only 1 millimeter in diameter, therefore you can hide behind a hole 1 to 2 mm and make it perfectly invisible. This will be a huge advantage for those who use a video camera.
As the system ex view ", it is a rigorous process that improves the quality and sensitivity of images taken by the CCD.

This micro paluche is mounted original BNC female, which is why we provide an adapter NBC / RCA order to use the camera on the vast majority of the equipment on the market. A foot-fixing is provided in order to be able to fix the camera on any type of support.
And for those who will use this micro paluche as a video camera or otherwise, we also offer an optional transformer 220 / 12 volts in order to give the camera an unlimited supply.


 Taille du capteur  1/3 CCD
 Résolution 600 Lignes TV PAL
 Nombre de pixels  752 x 582
 Luminosité minimum 0.0003 LUX
 S/N ratio plus que 50 dB
 Obturateur CIR 1 /50 - 1 / 100,000 sec auto , EIA 1 / 60 - 1 / 100 000 sec auto
 Sortie vidéo composite 1 [vp-p] 75 Ohm
 Lentille 3,7mm
 Angle de vue 90°
 Voltage d'alimentation  DC 12V (+/-10%)
 Consommation  100mA
 Diamètre & longueur 54 mm x 19 mm (diamètre)


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