Référence : SNA-42

Ultra tiny Micro snake 480 lines color caméra with 4 LED

Short description :

  • Camera snake 480 lines color
  • Diameter Ø 5,75 mm
  • 4 LED adjustable on or off
  • Camera resolution 720 x 525 pixels
  • Angle of view 60 °
  • Focal 1 cm to over 10 meters
  • 5 V to 12 volts powred
  • Compatible with all our micro portable recorders
  • Compatible with all our CCTV video recorders


Micro CCD Color High Resolution 480 Paluche lines with separate microphone, compatible with our recorders and may be accompanied by our independent kits transceivers transmission.

Our micro paluche HD camera with a resolution of 720 x 525 pixels will give you satisfaction in terms of image quality, its diameter is 5.75 mm or 4 LEDs are incorporated adjustable light thanks to its drive and its angle of view is 60 °

Its technical characteristics actually a mini HD camera paluche whose video image is sharp from 1 centimeter to more than 10 meters.

Used with these devices, the camera can be powered from 5 volts to 12 volts and delivers its A / V signal by a single thread .. An adapter cable RCA audio / video is still delivered to be compatible with any other auxiliary device.

This micro camera paluche HD allows you to inspect the status of all inaccessible areas, it can also be used as part of the video surveillance or for any personal use. 

You can download videos from our camera raw in action by clicking the image below:


Camera censor 1/18" pouce CMOS
Camera Pixel resolution 720 x 525 pixels
Camera Resolution 480 lignes TV
Angle of view  60° ±2°
light source 4 LED réglables
Focal 1cm - 10m
S/N ratio 38 dB

Camera Sensitivity

  4V (Lux. sec)
Camera Pixel size 5 ɥm  x 2.5 ɥm
Camera Dimensions Ø 5.75 x 43.5 mm
Power supply voltage DC 5 V
Power supply current  110 mA
Connect jack 2.5 mm
Camera Weight 20g
Cable lenght 1200 mm
Video Output  1.0 Vp-p


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